This is a single-family home located in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs, CA. Built in 1947, Bradley Bayou reinvented the 3,500 square feet home into the desert oasis it is today. He replaced old, water-damaged glass windows and sliding doors with low-e dual-paned glass for greater energy efficiency. In order to take advantage of the view of the pool and the famous San Jacinto mountain range, he opened up the back of the house completely.

Bradley chose a palette of desert colors to compliment the majestic mountain views and blur the distinction between the interior and exterior living spaces. The same stone is used for the interior floors and the outside patios, perfect for a Californian lifestyle and dripping bathing suits. Embracing the area’s climate, Bradley included sustainable greenery like bamboo and succulents with citrus and palm trees for a classic “Palm Springs” feel. His furnishings embody his perfect mix of function and form, celebrating his World Modern style.