Sake Filter I

Sake Filter I


This fabric is from antique sake filters. Immense pressure is applied during the sake making process and these bags often required mending. The sacks are dyed with green persimmon tannin, or kaki shibu, to strengthen them. Because each pillow is a handmade work of art, they'll all be slightly different.

Dimensions: 22in x 10in


  • Sake filter front and back
  • Due to the unique nature of the textile, variation will occur
  • Includes down insert
  • Made in Los Angeles
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Fabric Care

All Bradley Bayou Home products are handcrafted using the finest fabrics and traditional artisanal skills. The variations in color, texture and finish are the signature of the human hand. Creating each product is a lengthy process rooted in the crafts-based traditions of hand spinning, dying, weaving, block printing and embroidery, each with its own regional specialty and character.

Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics used, they are dry clean only.